Coffee Fest, October 2004
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Set-up is done...ready for visitors! Hey, Jen, don't eat all the Tootsie® Rolls. The Diedrich Guys have a little more work to do--I wonder if just flying in from Singapore is slowing them down. It's opening day and Craig and Michael seem to be emitting some kind of hypnotic rays--you want to come to our booth, you will come to our booth?
Craig appears to be showing the folks from Doma Coffee the bean table in some detail. Wow, those guys are really interested in our bean table Hey wait! They aren't looking at the table, they're looking at pictures of Craig's kids! Laura thinks, "I know they are cute kids, but c'mon already."
Still looking at the kids. Okay, these guys look ready to talk coffee. Instead, Craig decides to do an interpretive coffee dance (oh, okay, he's related to them. So that makes it...normal?).
Laura visits with some old friends. Aaron and Brooke from Cutter's Point and Jason from Swiss Water came by. People really do come in all shapes and sizes.
Day 3: Craig and Christine still going strong Maybe a little less strong. And...we're done. See ya next year!

Photo Gallery

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