Amber Gray, Logistics Analyst - Outbound

If there was anything Amber learned from her dad, it was that there's only one thing that will get you through your day and where you want to go - coffee. While she thinks there's a bit more that goes into being successful in life, coffee's definitely where it all begins.

Amber's logistics career began at a food distributor in NW Arkansas where she spent her days analyzing inventory, planning loads and trying to keep all the cogs moving harmoniously. After spending plenty of years in mid-south, she realized there was life outside of the Ozarks and headed west to the wild frontier of Portland, OR. There she embarked upon a culinary journey but ultimately landed in Seattle, WA where she found her new home, Atlas Coffee.

When not working or drinking coffee, Amber likes to run, cook and hang out with her husband, Gary, and her two kitties, Barley and Luna. She's also quite fond of trees, rain, northwest craft beer and whiskey. Oh, and sunflowers!

Please contact Amber by e-mail (, or phone: (206)454-3470.

Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC
1402 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117 U.S.A.
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(206) 652-4880 -office
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