Andrew Henning-Kolberg - Accounting Clerk



Andrew Henning-Kolberg spent the beginning of his life in the Midwest. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH and received his Bachelorís Degree in Accounting from Purdue University. During an amazing three years in Fort Wayne, IN Andrew met his wife, Traci, and her son, Aydan. He wasted no time formalizing his relationship to each in the form of a beautiful wedding ceremony on a very good Friday in March of 2013.

With heavy hearts but a taste for adventure, Andrew and his family left their friends in Fort Wayne in June of 2013 for the greener pastures of Seattle, WA. With a popup camper in tow, the HKs took a rambling tour of the United States, starting North in Michigan, venturing as far south as Texas, and they even made an appearance on Vancouver Island, Canada, before settling in the lovely city of Seattle.

Andrew and his family love hiking through the numerous parks around their new home with their two dogs, Crumpets and Rosie. He and his son Aydan also enjoy skating on their longboards throughout the neighborhood. Andrew loves to read the first half of books, and sometimes even reaches the end!

Andrew is thoroughly enjoying the fringe benefit of the incredible amount of coffee knowledge contained in the walls of Atlas. He started learning about coffee through his wife, Traci, who worked with the wonderful people at Old Crown Coffee Roasters in Fort Wayne, IN. Andrew is looking forward to his caffeinated years of growth with the team at Atlas!

Please contact Andrew by phone (206-454-3460) or e-mail (

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