Chris Davidson, Trader & Relationship Coffee Specialist

Chris Davidson has called the Pacific Northwest his home since 1982, and found his way into the world of coffee in 1997 through a part time barista gig while studying music at the Unversity of Washington. In 1999, Chris was hired as a part time barista at Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Co. in Seattle, and began roasting there in 2001. From March 2003 to March 2007, Chris served as Head Roaster at Zoka, managing roasting and production through a major period of the company's growth. During that time, he accomplished many things various in sundry in the world of coffee, including co-founding the Barista Guild of America, assisting in the development of the famous "Naked Portafilter," barista training in Brazil, Guatemala and Japan and much more.

In March 2007, Chris joined Atlas as lab manager, responsible for developing new quality control systems and overseeing operations in Atlas' roasting & cupping lab. When Drew came on board in August 2009 and assumed the position of Lab Manager, Chris' focus shifted to developing new relationships with producer groups at origin, and introducing their coffees to specialty buyers around the world. While he does occasionally miss all the time he used to spend in the lab, cupping daily and teaching the occasional roasting and cupping course keeps his chops sharp.

When not roasting or cupping, Chris enjoys skiing, cycling and running around the beautiful PNW, playing guitar and working on his Seattle home. 

Please contact Chris by phone (206-652-4880) or e-mail (

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