Claire Sage, Bookkeeper


Twenty Questions with Claire Sage

  • 1. Why do you love coffee? It offers a quintessential moment of contentment. The ritual of coffee involves all of our senses: the heady fragrance of the beans before brewing; our anticipation while waiting for the beverage to be ready; the warm weight of the cup in our hands; the relief, comfort and pleasure experienced in that first sip. In that moment, all is well with the world.
  • 2. Favorite brew method? French Press
  • 3. Favorite origin? Costa Rica
  • 4. Favorite place to live? Seattle
  • 5. Favorite place to visit? The Grand Canyon
  • 6. Favorite food? Raspberries
  • 7. Secret favorite food? Brussels sprouts
  • 8. Favorite strength of yours? Sense of humor
  • 9. Least favorite strength of yours? Ability to develop uncontrollable laughter at inappropriate moments
  • 10. Most wished for talent? Singing
  • 11. Lifetime goal? To travel around the world
  • 12. Secret ambition? To be a comedy writer
  • 13. Favorite pastime? Watching, listening to, and reading comedy
  • 14. Secret favorite pastime? Jigsaw puzzles
  • 15. Favorite sport? Swimming in warm ocean water
  • 16. Favorite cheer-up movie? Connie and Carla
  • 17. Milk or dark chocolate? Dark
  • 18. Pie or cake? Pie
  • 19. Favorite unexpected benefit of working at Atlas? The chance to sample espresso beverages made by Craig Holt
  • 20. What do you love about living in Seattle? It is beautiful and nature is so user-friendly here. The offerings are diverse, easily accessible and enjoyable year-round. You can go outside and experience something amazing every day, without the need for bug repellent, sunscreen or a portable air conditioner. This region also grows the most amazing produce in the world. Who could ask for anything more?

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