Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC

201 N 85th St.
Seattle, WA 98103
Local: (206)652-4880
Toll free: (800)701-5211
Fax: (206)652-4881

Our office is located in northwest Seattle. Click here for a map and driving directions.

Atlas Coffee Importers LLC is Seattle's first green coffee importer to maintain a broad offering and consistent, locally-warehoused supply of exceptional quality green coffees. They also warehouse coffees in Oakland, New Jersey, and Vancouver, BC. Atlas gives special attention to the needs and preferences of high end, specialty coffee roasters.

Atlas is one of only a handful of coffee trading houses to operate independently. Rather than focus on the commodity side of coffee, Atlas emphasizes connecting small volume independent coffee growers with high end, niche market coffee roasters. After fourteen years in business, Atlas serves hundreds of clients throughout North America, Asia, and Australia.

Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC prides itself on providing hands-on roaster support,

  • Cupping experience
  • Roasting recommendations
  • Blend recommendations and training
  • Full cupping lab access
  • Ongoing phone-in support
  • Information and advice about the green coffee market
  • Frequent coffee market summaries
  • Origin information
  • Point of sale coffee information and creative support.

    Atlas In The World

    Atlas staff spends a good deal of time travelling to origin, working with producers and exporters, training Q-graders, and occassionally having a bit of fun along the way. To take a look at our photo album on Picasa here. To view more photo galleries and trip reports, click here.



    The founders of Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC are dedicated to operating a business that is financially successful and personally fulfilling. We view our clients and suppliers as partners, and work towards the long-term success of each partnership in which we participate.

    In order to carry out our mission Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC places great importance on employing people of exceptional character and capabilities. Atlas's employees are recognized and depended upon as crucial to the success of company goals and for the success of the business as a whole. Hard work, integrity, enthusiasm, cooperation, innovation and a deep personal commitment to quality are the cornerstones of our work environment.

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    Atlas Staff

    Craig Holt, Founder

    Al Liu, Trader & Certified Coffee Specialist

    Amber Gray, Logistics Analyst - Outbound

    Andrea Costa, Sales and Customer Relations

    Ashika Chand, Accounting Specialist

    Brooke McNeill, Sales & Customer Relations

    Chris Davidson, Trader & Relationship Coffee Specialist

    Claire Sage, Bookkeeper

    Drew Billups, Lab Manager

    Evan Stockdale, Sales and Trading Administrator

    Gavin Tull-Esterbrook, Lab Technician

    Jennifer Roberts, Director of Trading

    Karen Kazmierczak, Sales & Customer Relations

    Kim Giroir, Senior Trader

    Leah Ford, Logisitcs Specialist

    Melissa Kelley, Logistics Analyst - Inbound

    Michelle deMille, Office Administrator

    Ray Calvert, CFO

    Susan Heller Evenson, Sales & Customer Relations

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  • Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC
    1402 NW 85th Street
    Seattle, WA 98117 U.S.A.
    1-800-701-5211 -toll free
    (206) 652-4880 -office
    (206) 652-4881 -fax