Craig Holt, Founder

Craig is a native of the Pacific Northwest who graduated from the University of Washington after four caffeine-fueled years. Following college he worked as an Expedition Leader, guiding educational adventure trips to more than seventy countries and five continents. During his travels, Craig found himself in many of the world's coffee growing regions, learning about how his favorite agricultural product was produced, and how it made its way to the cup.

Inspired by this new knowledge, Craig left the travel business and began working with Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters in Olympia, Washington. At Batdorf, he did everything from bagging beans and pulling shots, to learning about the art of roasting. Eventually Craig was put in charge of opening and managing Batdorf and Bronson's Atlanta, Georgia roastery. After leaving Batdorf and Bronson, he became a green coffee broker for Cristobal Coffee Importers in Seattle, Washington, where he honed his knowledge of coffee sources and trading.

Craig is a certified Q Grader and a Q Trainer, as well as a cupping judge for international auctions and competitions. He is also an active volunteer for the Coffee Corps.

At Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC, Craig is primarily responsible for coffee research and selection, marketing and sales.

Please feel free to contact Craig via Phone (206-652-4880) or e-mail ( Thanks.

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