Kevin Bavaro, Director of Supply Chain/Strategy Advisor

Kevin's life in coffee is varied and colourful. Although completely coffee-free through university, Kevin began his adventures in coffee with Canadian roaster, Nabob Coffee, starting as a computer programmer in the purchasing department. His interest was piqued, and Kevin soon moved into purchasing and quality control (with six months to learn to taste and increase his caffeine consumption!). Eventually, he took over responsibility for the green coffee and finished product quality at the Swiss Water Decaffeinated® facility in Vancouver.

Following a stint as a espresso bar / roastery owner, Kevin spent four months in Tanzania, managing parchment purchasing and commissioning the first private dry processing mill in the country. While there, he developed process control and reporting systems for yield management.

Kevin then took his systems development and distribution skills to coffee and tea organizations in Houston and Vancouver. In 1999, Kevin joined American Coffee Corporation as a consultant on Specialty Coffee sales, and was soon lured to Seattle to join the Atlas team. After a number of years working in the United States, the expiration of his work visa sent Kevin back to Canada, where he continued to work with Atlas part-time on sourcing and position management. A spell working with Swiss Water ended in November 2009, and with the increase in Atlas business volume, he is back with us full-time.

When not roasting at home for family consumption (Kenya is the preferred coffee), Kevin is testing out his culinary skills for his wife Wendy, as well as trying to maintain some order in the garden (organically, where possible).

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