Kim Giroir, Senior Trader


Kim is originally from Kalamazoo, MI and went to the University of Michigan for Mechanical Engineering. She put that engineering degree to work for a bit before coffee captured her interest. Kim started her coffee career in Cincinnati, OH with Procter & Gamble as a coffee buyer. Most recently Kim worked at Starbucks Coffee Company as the senior manager responsible for green coffee quality and operations. Her experience covers the full green coffee supply chain from buying, operations, warehousing, quality control and roasting. Kim is also a certified Q Grader.

Kim moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 with her husband, daughter and a son in the oven. She enjoys spending time in the beautiful waters and mountains of the PNW with her family. One of their favorite adventures in the summer is crabbing in the Puget Sound. Other activities of interest include cooking, traveling & gardening.

Please contact Kim by phone ((206)454-3467) or e-mail (

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