Kristin Anderson, Sales & Customer Relations

Kristin has been happily working in the world of coffee since 1995, starting out working for a large coffee retailer in Northern Colorado as a Store Manager and eventually getting a great opportunity to move to Seattle in 2002 to work in that same companies mammoth headquarters.

She found her coffee passion much later than most everyone else (yep she made it thru her college years at VCU and managing bars in the mid-80's without developing an addiction). She has made up for lost time by falling totally in love with everything about coffee.

One of Kristin's favorite things about coffee is the relationships' that she has developed with coffee farmers and families and she never looks at her cup of coffee as "just a cup of joe", it's much more than that. Kristin has had the incredible opportunity to live and work with coffee farmers and their families in Tarrazu, Costa Rica and looks forward to going back to see them.

Kristin ecstatically found her way to Atlas in June 2013. She loves to hang out with her 2 awesome Berense Mountain Dogs, hike, camp, ski, or most anything outside and will talk your leg off if you ask her about her nieces.

Please contact Kristin by phone (206-652-4880) or e-mail (

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