Melissa Kelley, Logistics Analyst - Inbound

Melissa's first experiences with coffee involved late-night consumption and card games with high school friends back in Minneapolis. Later, coffee became fuel for study sessions and wintery walks home. Until Atlas, her coffee experience was limited to ingestion.

After years in a variety of project management and customer service related roles, Melissa stumbled, quite accidentally, into Logistics, and made herself at home there, coordinating shipments of soda. However, all work and no coffee makes Melissa a tired girl, which is why she made her way across town, from the world of carbonation to a land with a greater caffeine content.

When not at Atlas, Melissa's time is spent with her daughter, Sweet Pea, her husband, Dave, and her friends. She loves cheese, chocolate, wine, whiskey, beaches, movies, music, and anything that makes her laugh. Oh, and she's a pretty good shot with a rubber band!

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