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16, Aug '13 - Atlas Coffee Importers... Now with More Logistics!

In the coming weeks, our Logistics Department will begin handling your order after the coffee buying portion of your order is complete. This is part of our new computer system implementation and process improvement project currently underway here at Atlas - very exciting! We've been running old/new systems in parallel for a couple of months now - working out the kinks to ensure that paperwork is the only difference you notice. Your Sales Representative will continue to be your main point of contact for all coffee-buying and coffee-related conversations. Our Logistics Team are experts at getting your order prepared at the warehouses and shipped to you by any method you prefer and will soon be in contact with you to discuss your preferences and the process change. Overall, you can expect the same care and attention you've always received from us - now from specialists in each area.

For more information, contact Atlas Logistics directly at 206.454.3465

Tasting Notes Online!

At long last, we now have tasting notes online for all of our wonderful coffees! Click
here to take a look, or you can navigate there from the "Products" button on the side bar to the left, OR you can find a link to the tasting notes at the top of our Seattle and New Jersey offer lists.


Mailing Lists

There's always something new going on here at Atlas! Whether it's fresh crop coffees arriving, new educational workshops and cuppings being put on the calendar or new reports and photos from our various trips to producing countries, you won't want to miss out on any exciting bits of news. We've added a few handy email list subscription widgets here to allow you to easily sign up for our various news mailings. They're pretty self explanatory, and please note you'll receive a confirmation email when you subscribe that you'll need to approve before you're added to the list.

We're always posting updates on Twitter (@Atlas_Coffee) and Facebook as well, so feel free to follow us via those media if you like. Thanks for staying in touch!


General Atlas Info
New Coffee Arrivals


If you would like to be on our mailing list for our monthly public cuppings, please email Drew Billups or call us at 800-701-5211 for more information.



Market Update


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Workshop Calendar


Q Grader Course

CQIAtlas' cupping lab has been certified as an instructional facility by the SCAA and CQI! We will be offering regular CQI Q Grader Exam and prep courses, in addition to Atlas' own line of intensive roasting and cupping workshops. Our Q Grader Exam courses usually sell out, so be sure to register early to secure your space. email if you're interested in receiving information about upcoming courses, and we'll be sure to contact you with updates.



The Atlas Roasting and Cupping Workshop

September 17 - 19, 2014

This is a three day course that Atlas has offered annually for the last 7 years. This year we are updating it significantly to allow more time to discuss blend development and to accommodate more roast exercises that seek to show the effects of different profiles for light and medium roasted coffees. We go over the basics of how to cup and evaluate coffees according to SCAA parameters. Then we use cupping throughout the workshop to "see" and evaluate the effects of our roast profile decisions. The intention is not only to teach information, but to introduce students to how useful cupping can be as a roast profile evaluation tool. After this class, students should be able to build on what they have learned by continuing to experiment with roasts and cup the results.

Over the course of the three days there are 4 roasting sessions where the class will operate the roaster with certain profile goals in mind. We explore the impact of roast time and roast degree; and we will compare how a variety of profile curves effect the flavor of a single lot of coffee roasted to the same color. The results of each session will be cupped and we will talk about what we have learned.

In addition to this we will have several lecture sessions that cover subjects including the mechanics of roasting and profile development, blending, and espresso development.

If you're just getting into the world of coffee roasting and want to start off on the right foot, or if you're a seasoned pro looking for some advanced training to further your knowledge of coffee, this class is guaranteed to leave your head filled to the brim with new info and experiences.

To register for this workshop please sign up with Atlas directly. The workshop is $1200 per person for the three days which includes pastries with our morning coffee as well as lunch every day. We require a 50% deposit to reserve a spot. This year we are limiting the class to a maximum of 8 students. So please email Amber or give her a call at 206-454-3460 to reserve your space. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


Cupping Calendar


Cup of Excellence Cuppings

Atlas is happy to host cuppings of the winning coffees from the prestigious Cup of Excellence competitions. If you're planning on bidding on coffees in the Cup of Excellence auctions, and would like to save yourself the time roasting the samples, setting and cleaning up your own cupping, we would like to invite you to join us in our lab for a cupping and discussion of the competition coffees. Not only are these group cuppings an excellent opporunity to taste the best coffees each producing country as to offer, the experience of cupping with professional peers can be enlightening and educational as well. The dates and times for each of the cuppings are as follows:


We're in the process of scheduling more cuppings. Check back soon!


If you'd like to join us for any or all of these cuppings, please RSVP and we'll put you on the list. Our lab can accommodate up to 15 cuppers, so please get in touch soon to reserve your space. We would like to encourage all those interested in cupping these coffees to sign up as quickly as possible. Baristas and roasters who would like to expand their familiarity with these origins are especially welcome. We're looking forward to seeing you in the lab soon!


Trip Reports


December 2010 - Sumatra & Japan

Chris recently spent a few weeks in Asia visiting with producer partners and roaster clients. Atlas helped to build a quality control lab at Permata Gayo Co-op's facilities in Pondok Baru, Aceh, and the main purpose of Chris' visit was to train PGC's staff in proper sample roasting and cupping procedures and protocol. Have a look at photos from the trip, and check out Chris' trip report to read more about his time there.

February 2009 - Ethiopia, Dire Dawa & Addis Ababa

Craig and Chris spent a week and a half teaching a Q Grader workshop in Dire Dawa, taking in the sites around Harrar and meeting with exporter partners in Addis Ababa. Be sure to check out photos and videos from the trip, if you haven't already. Chris' trip report goes more in depth on what he and Craig were up to in Ethiopia, as well as providing a brief summary of the new commodity exchange system and the effect that it is having on availability of specialty coffee in Ethiopia.

September 2008 - Malawi, Mzuzu & Blantyre

Chris spent a few weeks in Malawi working with coffee producers in Mzuzu, and coffee cuppers in Blantyre. Take a look at photos and videos, and see Chris in the Blantyre newspaper!

July 2008 - Colombia, Huila, Monserrate

Check out photos and videos from Atlas' recent visit to Monserrate, Huila, Colombia.

Trip Archives

Click here to check out Atlas adventures from years past.


News Archive


Pacamara Roasting Guide Now Available!

The El Salvador Coffee Council was kind enough to send along an absolutely brilliant document they've put together on the genetic history of the Bourbon and Pacamara coffee varietals, which includes their recommended roast profiles for both sample roasting and production roasting Pacamara coffees. Check it out! Most of the Pacamara-specific info is from page 6, onward. Also be sure to take a look at the results of our cupping of the Pacamara and Maracaturra varietals from the El Salvador and Guatemala Cup of Excellence competitions below.




Atlas Barista Workshop Wins!

Atlas' first ever Advanced Barista Workshop took place in our lab this past Spring with wild success. The goal of this workshop is to give baristas an opportunity to learn in depth about green coffee cultivation and processing, cupping and the physics and chemistry of espresso brewing, as well as the practical skills of espresso preparation, milk steaming and latte art. Champion Latte Artist Reid Hickman joined us as a guest instructor for the afternoon, and wowed the barista students with his pouring prowess. Check out for a video of Reid & the class, and read the glowing testimonials from our students below:


  • "Very Knowledgable and helpful!"
  • "Would/will send other employees. Eight hours well spent."
  • "It's nice to see common theories and practices shared across the industry. Thank you for a fun and informative day."
  • "The course seemed to cover all aspects of necessary knowledge for a barista."
  • "Awesome!"
  • "Chris rules!"(actual quote)








The Lab

LabThose of you who have visited Atlas HQ pre-2007 know that half of our building, until very recently, was practically useless to us. Six months of noise, dust, demolition and renovation have given rise to a state-of-the-art roasting, cupping and brewing lab. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, our new lab is one of a kind, and prepared to handle any challenge.

Contact us for information about upcoming training courses or to schedule a private or group training on the topic(s) of your choice, from green coffee to barista skills.


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