The majority of our inventory is located in The Green Room, a Seattle-area warehouse and Continental Terminals in Kearny, New Jersey. We also have limited inventory in Oakland, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Because coffee is an agricultural product, year-round availability of all coffees cannot be guaranteed for Spot Sales. However, we strive to keep an adequate supply of core coffees as well as a rotating stock of more exotic origins based on availability.

New Crop Availability for Major Origins (approximate)

Brazil August
Central Americans (Costa Rica, Guatemala) February, March
Colombia (main crop) October, November
Colombia (mid-crop) April, May
Ethiopia March, April
Kenya February, March
Java August, September
Papua New Guinea July, August
Sumatra December

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Coffee is priced against the New York "C" Market--a commodities exchange where coffee futures are bought and sold. The "C" is driven up and down by weather in the major producing countries, political turmoil, speculation about production levels, retention schemes, and some mysterious factors we may never understand. Since brokers primarily sell against replacement prices (what we will have to pay to replace the bag of coffee you buy today), when the "C" goes up, so do coffee prices; when the "C" goes down, coffee prices follow suit.

Most coffees carry premiums or discounts relative to the "C" Market. These "differentials" are based on availability, quality, and demand. Brazil--an abundantly available coffee, generally considered best as a blender--is always priced significantly lower than Kenya--which is available in a more limited supply and perceived as very high quality. Please contact us for price quotes.

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Types of Purchases

Spot Sale

An on the spot purchase subject to current availability and pricing.

Forward Sale

Once you have identified the key coffees in your line-up and determined your average monthly usage we recommend buying forward. A forward contract between the buyer and Atlas specifies that the buyer will take a certain amount of coffee each month at a guaranteed price. This allows us to more accurately predict and secure the coffees our customers will need throughout the year, allows our customers the assurance that the coffees they need will be available to them, and guarantees stable pricing in an ever-fluctuating market. Ask us for details.

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Payment Terms

New Accounts and Payment Terms

All new customers are requested to fill out and return a New Account form. Payment is required in advance for the first three orders in the form of cash, credit card, ACH, or wire transfer. Established businesses with good credit references may apply for credit terms on subsequent orders. A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be applied to any delinquent accounts.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to all delinquent accounts.

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Minimum Purchase

We sell anywhere from container volumes to a single bag (which ranges from 132 to 154 pounds, depending on the origin).

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Bag Weights

Kilograms Pounds Origins
45.63 100 Hawaii
50 110.23 Yemen
59.88 132 Swiss Water Decaf
60 132.28 Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, most other decafs
69 152.12 Most Central & South America
70 154.32 Bolivia, Colombia

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Atlas can arrange for LTL (Less Than Truckload) or FTL (Full Truck Load) delivery of our coffees from our warehouses to locations in all 50 States and Canada. Our Logistics team can provide detailed rate quotes and estimated transit times for shipments.

LTL Service less than or equal to 50 bags

  • Timing:Most orders received by 11:00am Pacific Time (8:30am for The Annex and Paris Bros) will ship the following business day.
  • Packaging:Coffee will be stacked 10 bags or 18 boxes (max) per high-quality pallet. We do not recommend combining boxes and bags. Pallets are securely strapped and stretch-wrapped by the warehouse.
  • Standard Service: Delivery to commercial (non-residential) delivery address, during normal business hours, without prior notification, and requiring the consignee (you) to remove the bags/pallets from the back of the truck and move them into your facility. Transit times are estimated and are not guaranteed.

LTL Service greater than 50 bags

  • Timing: Orders received by 11:00am Pacific Time (8:30am for The Annex and Paris Bros) will generally ship in two business days.
  • Packaging: Same as above.
  • Standard Service: Same as above.

The following additional services can be added to Standard LTL Service, but MUST be requested at time of coffee order to ensure that the correct equipment and services are selected. PLEASE NOTE: If you later request and receive additional services directly from the carrier, you will be billed for any additional charges received by Atlas.

FTL Service (Dedicated Truck)

  • Timing: Orders received by 11:00am Pacific Time (8:30am for The Annex and Paris Bros) will generally ship in two business days but require scheduling appointments with both the warehouse and carrier, so this can vary. Allow up to 5 business days from time of order to shipment.
  • Packaging: Palletized as above (up to 230 bags on 23 pallets) OR floor-loaded onto the truck (up to 320 bags no pallets).
  • Standard Service: Same as above.

International Shipments

Atlas can provide door-to-door service for shipments to Canada, including customs arrangments. All other international shipments are done on an ex-warehouse or FOT basis.

Damage or Loss in Transit

Coffee is shipped strapped to high-quality pallets and wrapped for protection to the best of our ability. However, it is somewhat common in the industry for a bag to be ripped or snagged in transit. If your coffee arrives damaged or with a loss from a ripped bag, be sure to note this on the bill of lading BEFORE signing off on it. Please contact Atlas immediately in the event of freight loss or damage, we will be happy to assist you in the claim process.

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