Pam Dunning, Controller

Pam's life in coffee began in high school when she was cramming for her first finals. This caffeine fueled study habit continued through her college years at the University of Washington where she earned her Business Administration degree with a concentration in accounting. She started her career at Arthur Andersen & company, and has worked in the healthcare industry, the wholesale travel industry and others. All along the way, coffee was the fuel that kept her days filled with energy. Although this is Pam's first foray into the wonderful wacky world of coffee, she is well versed in the unique personalities that are found in the industry. Through her 13 years at the Seattle Weekly, she found that she loves small, unique companies that are decidedly not corporate in nature, and the people who can be found there.

Pam found her way to Atlas in May of 2013 and is excited about learning the ins and outs of the coffee industry and to develop her palate to recognize the finer qualities of good coffee. She loves to run on the road on and on the trails, bike, hike and hang out with her family and friends. Although she doesn't play golf, she loves to ride in the cart, laugh at her husband and friends and keep score. She loves to travel, especially to sunny destinations.

Please contact Pam by phone (206)454-3471 or e-mail (

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