Susan Heller, Sales & Customer Relations


In first grade, Susan bet her coffee-drinking babysitter a dollar that she would never, ever try such a "stinky" brew. One barista gig, four caffeinated college years, and one coffee-roasting husband later, Susan is out a dollar but thrilled to have discovered that her tastes have improved since the age of six. After graduating with a B.A. in Comparative Religion and Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington in 2005, Susan moved to France for a year, traveled, moved back to the Pacific Northwest to try her hand at teaching, then jumped back across the pond to Switzerland to round out her obsession of comparing things by studying Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva.

Susan is excited to join Atlas, a place that allows - nay, encourages! - her to drink (and compare) coffee to her caffeine-addicted heart's content. When not at Atlas, Susan can generally be found rock climbing, reading, watching French films, attempting (emphasis on attempting) to master the art of French cooking, running in the rain, or trying to get above the rain clouds and into the mountains.

Please contact Susan by phone (206-652-4880) or e-mail (

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