Suzy Crawley, Logistics Manager

Suzy grew up in Eastern Washington and made her way across the state to attend college in Seattle, where her affection and obsession with good coffee took hold. While studying for her degree in business at Seattle University, she had the opportunity to start the first on campus coffee shop created and run by students. After college and a few years of travelling around, the unavoidable drinking of more bad coffee and living other places just to make sure the grass wasn't greener somewhere else (which it isn't, both literally and figuratively); Suzy landed back in Seattle and quickly re-caffeinated herself with the best coffee Seattle had to offer and never looked back. Most days she can be found helping hold down the fort at Atlas headquarters - answering questions, filling orders and helping customers with their important business of keeping the world properly caffeinated. When not at Atlas, Suzy enjoys the great outdoors, really bad disaster movies, really corny musicals and exploring the city with her trusty companion, Fergus.

Please contact Suzy by phone (206-652-4880) or e-mail (

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