From the Rooftop of the Andes

By: Al Liu

In an origin that has developed a reputation for being a difficult place to work, ASOCAFE has emerged as a reliable source for Fair Trade/organic coffee. The cooperative is located in the Yungas region of western Bolivia, characterized by lush, tree-covered mountains that plunge into deep river valleys. It’s one of the more visually stunning areas in the coffee-producing world, yet a weak infrastructure, limited technical know-how, and lack of resources have created obstacles to Bolivia becoming a go-to for high-quality coffee. In contract to many of its neighboring cooperatives whose members depulp at the farm level, ASOCAFE has two centralized wet mills that allow for better quality control. Atlas always has selected lots from the Amor de Dios washing station which is located at 1,650 meters above sea level and where cherries from the highest elevations are delivered.

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