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By: Balanoor Estates

Balanoor Plantations is a mixed cropping plantation which grows not only coffee, but also pepper, arecca nut and timber within the procuring areas. Balanoor has always strived to be a company providing and looking after the welfare of its staff. Besides the statutory requirements, we provide our workers with free medical facilities for them and their family members who are dependent on them, a crèche to look after the workers children while the parents are at work, housing, education and retirement benefits to name a few. From the last 4 years, we have been steadily demolishing and rebuilding the old labour lines in to modern buildings. Each housing unit will comprise of 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and an attached bathroom. All houses on the estate are provided with electricity and running water. We want the workers to think of the estate as home and this way they will have a connection with us and in turn we will both develop

Balanoor not only looks after the social aspect of life, but also focuses on the environmental as well. We have a policy that every acre should have at least 2 jungle trees besides mixed trees. These jungle trees will not be uprooted nor sold. Instead they will add to the estates micro organism activities. The leaves that fall from the trees are used as mulch in the fields. We have soil and water collecting pits dug through the estate and along the estate roads. This helps in soil and water conservation during the heavy monsoon periods. There are check dams, trenches, tanks etc which are cut within the plantation which help in rain water harvesting on the property. This helps in dramatically in increasing the water table level.

The plantation is blessed with an abundant amount of wild life. We have a strict no hunting policy at the estate and strive to ensure the safety and protection to the wild animals that call our plantations their home. The animals that are found here are The Indian Bison, Spotted Deer, Samba, Fox, Wild Boar, Wild Goat, Peacock, Wild Fowl, Rabbit, Wood Pecker, Slender Loring, Snakes, Laggar Falcon, House Sparrow, Crows, Bulbul, Flower Pecker, Maina, Owl, Indian Parakeet, Pigeon etc.

Balanoor has a 50 acre Certified Organic (certified by IMO) Arabica division called Vontekad. This has been certified Organic for the last 6 years and has been increasing in yield over the years.

We take great care to ensure that the water bodies are not misused and are kept clean. We have water treatment plants at all pulping locations to treat the water. This way, we can treat the water, store it and then use the same for irrigation on our own property. By all this, ie. the conservation of water, re-use of effluent water for irrigation, we have calculated and noticed that we add back more water than we actually use.

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