By: Dana Foster

Finca and Micro-mill La Cabaña is owned by Javier Meza, who has planted his 8 hectare farm solely with red Catuai and Caturra. Javier has historically produced approximately 150 bags of exportable green coffee each harvest. At his mill and farm, he manages every step of coffee processing – harvesting, wet processing, drying, milling and exportation. He believes it’s the best way for him to maintain complete traceability of his coffee, and ensure that any coffee bearing his name is truly his. Every bag is marked and sewn closed while still on his property. Javier strongly believes in maintaining the integrity of the environment, and he has eliminated the use of all artificial chemicals. Javier makes his fertilizer on premises, using a combination of coffee pulp and natural organic matter from his farm. Although his coffee is not certified organic by any organization, it is a wonderful example of passive organic farming.

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