Bettadakhan Estate

Variety is the Spice of Life

By: Jennifer Roberts

The Mammen Family, owner of the Badra group of estates, have been working in coffee since 1943.  They have farms growing coffee, pepper, cocoa, cardamom, and various other products.  Two of the estates: Bettadakhan and Kerkeicoondah, grow Arabica coffee.

Betadahkan is located in the Babubudan Giri hills, known as the birthplace of Indian coffee, and named for Bababudan, the legendary seed-smuggler who is famed for bringing coffee from Yemen in 1670.   These hills are located within the state of Karnataka, which is the largest coffee-producing region in the country.  Coffee from the estate is shade-grown, hand-picked, and sun-dried.  Our lots are separated by variety–most of which come from rust-resistant strains which replaced the devastated crops in southeast Asia after the rust epidemic of the 1860s.

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