Cheer Up!

By: Susan Heller Evenson

COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperatives) is an umbrella cooperative representing around 1,300 members in 42 member cooperatives around Burundi who collectively own their own dry mill. The name of the mill, and their coffee brand is, “Horamama” which means, “Cheer Up!”

In 2018-2019 we are proud to offer coffee from Durangirumugambi (469 members) and Yagikawa (811 members) cooperatives. COCOCA member cooperatives in general have historically placed well in the Burundi Cup of Excellence Competition, and in 2018 Yagikawa submitting the winning lot for COE Burundi.

Dusangirumugambi, meaning “share the same goals”, is a young coooperative founded in 2014, is already implementing female-led gender justice and sustainable agriculture programs across their 27 local coffee-growing communities. They have additional projects on the horizon, such as water tanks, access to orgnaic fertilizier, and supplying the washing stations with electricity and installing solar panels to power the depulping machine.

Yagikawa, meaning “Talk about coffee”,  was founded in 2007 and is one of the oldest cooperatives in Burundi. They collect coffee from 12 hills, and typically do a single fermentation for 12-18hours, then hand-sort the parchment on raised beds. The parchment is dried for 9-12 days until it reaches 11.5% moisture.

Please visit the ‘High Res Asset Kit’ link to see more detailed information about both Dusangirumugambi and Yagikawa Cooperatives.


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