A Close Eye on Quality

By: Chris Davidson

Formerly known as Mukurwe-ni Society, Rumukia Farmer’s Cooperative Society (FCS) is comprised of 8 cooperative factories located around the small town of Mukurwe-ini, just north of the border between Nyeri and Murang’a counties.  As with Othaya FCS, Rumukia is special in that the society owns their own dry milling facility, at the Thunguri wet mill.  Here the Rumukia staff receive and process cherry from members of Thunguri coop, but also mill and sort all of the dry parchment coffee delivered by the other seven member factories.  Rumukia FCS also has a sample roaster, cupping lab and experienced cupper on staff which is extraordinary among cooperative societies in Kenya.  This additional level of quality feedback gives members of Rumukia FCS a huge advantage in the marketplace.  If the quality staff at Thunguri notice any variation in the visual aspect, odor or moisture of the coffee delivered by the coops, or any issues with cup quality, they’re able to offer corrective advice immediately.


Rumukia FCS is comprised of the following cooperative factories:

  1. Kagunyu Factory
  2. Gatura Factory
  3. Thunguri Factory
  4. Maganjo Factory
  5. Kiawamururu Factory
  6. Tambaya Factory
  7. Gaikundo Factory
  8. Ndia-ini Factory


Kenya’s coffee marketing systems can make it tricky to guarantee availability from the same factory location year after year.  We’ve focused our buying for the past several years on factories within Rumukia FCS and Othaya FCS in Nyeri County.  Quality is always outstanding, and by narrowing our sourcing scope on these groups we’re able to make a more significant impact with our purchases.  The society chairpersons, board members and individual factory managers are familiar faces, and we look forward to getting to know them better with each visit.

From a marketing standpoint, we’ve found that promoting Rumukia Society’s name can allow for some more flexibility when selecting coffees each year.  For example, every year we’ll offer “Rumukia Society” from Nyeri County.  Depending on quality, we may buy from different factories within the society, but the society always benefits from the premiums we pay.  A similar approach may work well for roasters promoting their coffees to consumers – committing to buying from Rumukia Society each year, possibly visiting and developing a relationship, but leaving some room for seasonal variation factory to factory.

Ripe citrus, tangerine and mandarin orange are often found in coffees from Rumukia FCS factories, alongside deep peach and apricot, molasses and port wine.  Have a look at our offer list for current availability, and profiles for each factory can be found in our “High Res Asset Kit” linked below the banner photo above.

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