An Audio Tour Through Rwanda and Uganda

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 3, 2016


From January 30th through February 12th, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, as well as visit several cooperatives in Rwanda and Uganda. Instead of standard trip report (words + pictures) I thought I’d provide an audio-tour throughout my time in Rwanda and Uganda. Each clip is between 5 and 25 seconds, and below is a list of the audio clips in order if you want to follow along.



  1. Kigali in the Morning (0:00)
  2. At Kopakaki Washing Station (learning the exact pronunciation of the cooperative vs. another, similarly-named cooperative) (:05)
  3. Kinyarwanda for “How are You?” (:33)
  4. Listening to Africa Cup of Nations soccer finals at local restaurant near Kopakaki (:40)
  5. Lake Kivu in the Morning (:44)
  6. Drive to Kopakama WS (:53)
  7. How to pronounce Ezo Heza (women’s group within Kopakama) (:57)
  8. Frederic Kopakama (Explaining that they constructed one Washing Station in 2005 and another in 2012) (1:02)
  9. Cupping Training at Kopkama (Frederic from Kopakama explaining in Kinyarwanda that unripe coffee beans cannot accept the sugars from the coffee fruit) (1:17)
  10. Drive back to Kigali (1:22)
  11. Drive to Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union (BJCU), Western Uganda (1:28 )
  12. Local Election near BJCU (candidate walking through street) (1:33)
  13. BJCU at night (1:38)
  14. Drive to Karughabira WS (micro WS at BJCU) (1:44)
  15. Walking to Karughabira WS (1:48)
  16. Talking through processing steps at Karughabira (5-year vision for WS – Translated by Robert at BJCU) (1:57)
  17. Teddy, a member of BJCU, talking about Gender Justice at BJCU (2:18)
  18. Part of Musasa Lower Washing Station’s theme song ‘We Shall Make the Standards High’ (2:26)
  19. Drive to Abakundakawa/Hingakawa (2:35)
  20. Sewing center at Abakundakawa (2:40)