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Lab Services

Sourcing great coffee requires great diligence. Our lab staff sorts through thousands of samples per year, analyzing appearance, grade, defects, moisture content, and cup quality to select the best lots for our clients. We cup up to 30 lot samples each morning for purchase evaluation, contract approval, arrival quality verification, and to develop detailed cupping notes and quality scores.

In addition to providing Atlas’ in-house QC, our facility and team are also available to assist our customers in their own pursuit of coffee perfection. Our fully outfitted lab meets SCA standards and is furnished with a 5 barrel Probat sample roaster, 3 kilo Diedrich roaster, La Marzocco espresso machine, Ditting grinders, Marco boilers, and all the other tools and gadgets needed to evaluate coffee.

Our team has the experience and training to teach a wide variety of subjects, including: roasting, cupping, blend development and brewing. Contact our office for further details about any of the following services:

Join us at our daily QC cupping, arrange a private session to explore specific coffees for purchase, or sign up for our monthly public cuppings events.


We gear custom courses to clients’ specific needs in subject areas such as: roasting, blend development, sensory analysis, cupping, extraction and brewing. Offered in our labs or at your location.

Custom Education

If you have green samples but don’t have access to a sample roaster, we can prepare a limited number of roasted samples for your cupping evaluation.

Sample Roasting

Our lab can provide green grading, moisture readings and sensory analysis–including SCAA score–of your coffee samples.

Coffee Evaluation

We assist our clients in developing custom blends for the best combination of price and flavor, and in establishing appropriate roast profiles for the application.

Product Development

Lab assets and tools including our cupping room, sample roaster, and shop roaster can be rented by qualified individuals. Scheduling is dependent on the requirements of our own processes.

Lab Rental

Get nerdy with us. Contact us today for rates and scheduling.