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Coffee Courses

From the outset, Atlas has endeavored to be not only a source for green coffee but a knowledgeable resource. We see our customers’ success as our success and we support this by offering a variety of classes and events for coffee people. Whether you are just getting started in the industry or seeking to deepen your expertise in a particular area, our class offerings are geared to help acquire and refine skills that enable success in the specialty coffee industry.

Our courses take place in our coffee lab, which has been designed according to SCA standards and built expressly to facilitate educational events like the Q course in an efficient, comfortable, and enriching manner. The small class size and approachable delivery make this an excellent venue for SCA training. See below, or contact us for event details.

With two licensed Q instructors on staff, we regularly offer Q courses and calibrations. The Q Grader program is an initiative of The Coffee Quality Institute, which works to create opportunity for producers by promoting global awareness of coffee quality.


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a great resource for professional development in coffee. Atlas regularly offers SCA education for coffee professionals at all levels who seek to cultivate relevant skills and acquire greater awareness of industry standards.

Drawing from the ample industry experience of Atlas’ staff, we offer original workshops designed to equip new and growing coffee businesses with practical knowledge and skills in a range of coffee disciplines, including green buying practices, roasting, and cupping.

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