The Atlas Coffee Glossary

A quick reference guide to the endless alphabet soup and jargon of the trade.

The Glossary

Next time you receive an offer for FTO SHB EP, FOT TGR, our handy dandy Glossary will help you unwind the acronyms and learn to spout jargon like a seasoned pro. Find out WTF DPF is, and you might want to join us.

A AA to A/X

B Baggy to Bull Market

C Caffeine to Cup

D Decaffeinated to Dry Mill

E EP to Excelso

F Fair Trade to Futures

G GCA to Guayaba

H HG to HG

I ICO to Incoterms®

K Kaldi to Kiboko

L LLF to Lot

M Maersk to MTGB

N NANS to New Crop

O Organic to Outbound

P Past Crop to Pyrolysis

Q Quaker to Quetzal

R Real to Robusta

S Sabor to Swiss Water Process

T Terroir to Typica


V Varietal to Volatility

W Washed to WSDA

Y Y1+ to Y1+