Road Closures Delay Shipments from The Green Room.

By: Melissa Kelley

Jan 7, 2022

Extreme weather is affecting highways across Washington. Many major highways are closed due to snow accumulation/avalanche danger or flooding. As a result, much of the freight moving out of The Green Room will be delayed. Carriers have confirmed that they will delay pending pick-ups until roads are reopened. As part of our standard process, Atlas Outbound contacts roasters whose orders do not pick up on the originally intended date. We will continue this practice with shipments impacted by these weather delays.

Here are the best resources to keep track of the status of the issues:

  • You can find closure details on WSDOT's Blog.
  • You can view a map showing the issues hereHint: turn off the toggle for traffic flow and leave on the toggle for alerts. 

We are sorry that so many of you will be dealing with delays; we recognize that they are impactful, no matter the cause. If you have questions, please reach out to or