Guji Hambela, Dame Dabaye Washing Station

Hambela Wamena, Dame Dabaye

By: Chris Davidson

Few coffee producing countries offer as much diversity in quality and cup profile as Ethiopia. The range of floral, fruit and botanical qualities one can experience in coffees from this single country is incredible. The subtle variations in growing conditions within Ethiopia’s Guji Zone yield so many unique profiles, it could be considered a country of its own!

As a company, Sibu Trading has been working extensively with farmers in Guji Zone for over 20 years. To improve market access for their farmers, Sibu Coffee Exporters began operations in 2014, shipping primarily Guji coffees to importers and roasters around the world. Sibu Coffee operates two washing stations in Guji Zone, one of which is Guracho Washing Station in the western district of Kercha. Atlas has been working with washed and natural-process coffees from Guracho WS since 2015 and both are perennial favorites on our offer lists.

In 2017 Sibu Coffee acquired a washing station in the central Guji district of Hambela Wamena, near a small town called Dame Dabaye. When we first received samples of the Dame Dabaye coffees we couldn’t believe how strikingly unique the profiles were, particularly alongside the types from Guracho WS just five hours west in Kercha. Sibu Coffee operates both Dame Dabaye and Guracho washing stations using nearly identical procedures and protocols, highlighting the differences in terroir of the two complimentary coffees.

It’s worth having a look at our Guracho WS traceable page to learn more about the Guracho coffees specifically, as well as Guji Zone in general. While the washed Guracho profiles tend towards peach, honey, lemon and and rose, the washed Dame Dabaye coffees present distinct grapefruit, passionfruit, hops and lime zest. The Naturals from Dame Dabaye are particularly outstanding, with a jammy depth to the citrus character that brings to mind marmalade, guava and pineapple. Offering Dame Dabaye and Guracho coffees side-by-side would be a wonderful display of the unique diversity of profiles that Guji has to offer.


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