CPC (Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative)

By: Susan Heller Evenson

From the CPC website:

Created in 2007 with the support of the Lao government and the French Development Agency (AFD), the “Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative” or CPC is a 100% farmer-owned organization.

Spread over three districts (Paksong, Laongam and Thateng) and 44 villages, the 928 families that make up the CPC have an average of 5 hectares of plantations. 801 families are organic certified or in the process of becoming organic certified.

CPC promotes agroforestry, and has 3,187 Hectares of Arabica plantations in the organic process, 991 Hectares of Robusta plantations in the organic process, 36 employees, 39 collective wet processing centers, 1 dry mill, and 1 large-scale composing unit.

CPC exports 1,300 MT of certified green coffee annually, and an additional 5 MT of roasted coffee is sold for local consumption.

In 2012, CPC exported 603 tons of green coffee. This, together with CPCs other achievements was reason enough for the Lao government to award the cooperative as the “Laos Best coffee exporter 2012” for best prices and best quality. The organization is now continuing to grow with export outreaching 1,000 tons of green coffee per year.

Offices of the cooperative are located in an old colonial house at KM 2, on National Highway 13 south of Pakse, the capital of Southern Laos. It houses the technical, commercial, administrative and financial departments of the CPC.

With a capacity of processing 20 tons of green coffee per day, the processing plant and the laboratory of the CPC is located 24 kilometers from Pakse in the district of Bachieng. CPC staff and seasonal workers receive coffee parchment from different groups so that it is husked, sorted and packaged for export there.

With the support of its main trading partner and the Fairtrade premium, the CPC owns a sensory analysis laboratory since 2010. A panel of professionals and skilled cuptasters conducts regular tests with the constant concern of improving the quality of the coffee produced by CPC members. The laboratory also includes a roasting unit for Champee coffee, which is sold on the domestic market.

With the support of the Asian Development Bank, ADB / ADB, the Cooperative has a training center since 2013 to accommodate the producers within the framework of capacity building activities.

As part of its Research & Development activities, CPC implemented in 2013 an experimental composting station on the grounds of the factory and laboratory.

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