Finca Bella Aurora

A Three-Decade Journey: Elevating Coffee Quality

By: Evan Stockdale

In 1956, Joaquín Augusto Lovo López. acquired a small tract of fertile land in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, christened Bella Aurora for its scenic charm, mountains, crisp climate, breezes, captivating sunrises, and in honor of his mother Aurora. Augusto’s two sons, David and Luis Joaquín Lovo, devoted their youth to cultivating and tending to their father’s estates. However, all of their lives were upended during the Sandinista revolution and decade-long civil war. Coffee production on the farms dwindled to nearly nothing during those tumultuous years.

In 1991, the brothers launched a fervent revival to reinvigorate the Bella Aurora and La Praderra estates underpinned by the aspiration to honor their father’s legacy. Expanding cultivation areas and focusing on coffee quality became key sustainability strategies, enabling them to overcome adversities. Prior to their father’s efforts, their maternal grandfather pioneered coffee cultivation in Dipilto in 1945, laying the foundation for their family’s enduring connection with coffee.

Today, Bella Aurora farm is owned and operated by Luis Joaquin Lovo. Through the wisdom of past generations and personal experiences, Luis has adeptly tackled the challenges that confront him each year. Whether they be financial crises in Nicaragua or fluctuating international market prices, Luis has made his way by embracing the philosophy of quality over quantity and dedicating himself to producing top-tier coffee from the Dipilto region.

Cognizant of the looming specter of climate change, he has vigilantly responded to shifting weather patterns, striving to maintain coffee quality while battling threats like coffee leaf rust that disproportionately affects Arabica varieties in Central America, and especially the high-quality Caturra that Luis favors. Guided by his unwavering dedication and passion, Luis has triumphed over each challenge, attaining excellence in the delicate art of coffee cultivation.

Today, as he witnesses his 103-year-old father savor a cup of meticulously cultivated, and processed coffee, a profound sense of accomplishment prevails. His commitment endures, echoing his motto of overseeing every facet of the intricate coffee production process: from cultivation and precise harvesting to meticulous wet processing. This commitment continues through careful pulping, fermentation, washing, and drying, culminating in Nicaraguan coffee of unmatched quality. The proximity of Luis’ dry mill, Santa Lucia, situated just 20 kilometers from the farms, facilitates seamless processing, ensuring the delivery of remarkable coffee to discerning customers.
From farm to cup, their journey is characterized by care, passion, and dedication.

Blended lots from Bella Aurora are characterized by pear, apple, vanilla, almond, and chocolate flavors with medium acidity and body.

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