By: Dana Foster

KOKOWAGAYO is short for Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo, a woman owned and managed cooperative. The cooperative was formed in North Sumatra, in the province of Aceh in 2014. We have been working alongside Kokowagayo since their inception, and are continuously impressed by their dedication to quality and the creation of opportunities for women in their community.

In traditional cooperatives, women are often left out of important decision making conversations and are not granted equal power or access. Kokowagayo is the only all woman cooperative in Sumatra, and over the years they have created opportunities for women in leadership as well as financial training for women producers. In addition to coffee production, the members are also involved vegetable and fruit production (such avocados and oranges) as well as livestock and the production of compost, which is essential for diversifying their income.

Kokowagayo Vision: Increase income and quality of life for women farmers and their families through agriculture and coffee production.

Kokowagayo Mission: 

  1. Increase the role and capacity women play in coffee production related to productivity and quality.
  2. Strengthen women’s management of family finances
  3. Improve farmers’ understanding of coffee production and trade
  4. Raise social awareness in the areas of health, education, and environmental sustainability to support agricultural development into the future.
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