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By: Evan Stockdale

A Ceiba tree can grow to impressive dimensions and was considered the naval of the world by the ancient Mayans. A large specimen is an island of biodiversity hosting orchids, ferns and bromeliads. This revered and sacred tree can often be found in town squares throughout Central and South America and is traditionally used as a meeting place in the community.

It was under the massive Ceiba tree in the center of Timana’s main plaza that the original founders of ASPROTimana met to organize their cooperative. Small at first, they grew quickly and today the cooperative has 1,000 members.

Thanks to ASPROTimana’s meticulous quality control and larger size, Atlas was able to create the “La Ceiba” traceable blend with a minimum 86-point pre-shipment sample SCA score requirement.

The La Ceiba blend exhibits a classic Huila profile with notes of orange, lemon, plum, pineapple and lime along with juicy acidity and medium body.

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