Shipments leave the warehouse in good condition. Bags are intact and securely strapped to the pallet before being wrapped with plastic. The warehouses and carriers we work with are experts. In a perfect world, every bag will arrive in pristine condition and you will never read this page. Unfortunately, problems may occur from time-to-time. We recommend that everyone to inspect every delivery thoroughly before signing the Delivery Receipt (POD) and allowing a driver to leave. By signing the POD, you accept ownership of the freight as-is. Carriers are not likely to offer settlement on claims when damage is not noted on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery.

Inspecting a Shipment

  • Review the Delivery Receipt (POD) and any pallet tags to confirm your company name is listed correctly.
  • Compare the POD and shipment with the Delivery Order provided to you by to verify that the number of pallets and bags match
  • Check the truck for loose beans.
  • Determine if the pallets are intact and that there are no broken straps or boards.
  • Make sure the wrap is clean and moisture-free.
  • Confirm that each bag is free of rips or holes.

If you discover an problem, don't panic, we can help! Please do not reject your shipment unless advised to do so by our Outbound Logistics team. It is far easier to resolve any issues if the goods are in your possession, not a carriers'. While the driver is still on site, please call 206-454-3465 if:

  • You believe you've been shipped the wrong coffee.
  • Your shipment is missing a bag or bags.
  • You discover damage to a bag.

Filing a Claim

Customers who coordinate their own freight should move forward in filing a claim with their freight vendors. Customers who have Atlas arrange their freight services should contact our Outbound Logistics team at or 206-454-3465 and we will initiate a claim on your behalf. To submit a claim for you, we will require the following:

  • Color photographs of the damage, including images of the vehicle's interior if there are spilled beans or a tipped pallet.
  • A copy of the driver-signed Delivery Receipt showing detailed notes of the loss or damage.
  • The weight of any bag(s) which appear to have lost beans.
  • A completed Claim Form.

Carriers have 30 days to confirm receipt of a claim and 180 days to review and offer a settlement. Reimbursement for damages or loss may be contingent upon the carrier settlement.


If you believe that the wrong coffee is being delivered, please contact our logistics team for assistance. Return requests are reviewed and handled on a case-by-case basis. If a return request is approved, our team will walk you through the required process and provide an official Return Authorization. Reimbursement for returns will only be processed once the warehouse vendor provides Atlas Coffee Importers with a warehouse receipt and weight certificate.