Da La Pin

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 6, 2019

Da La Pin is deep in the mountains in a lush setting, growing dragon fruit, chayote, citrus, and coffee. A famous waterfall is found nearby, and the community is known for its 30’ palm tree in the center of the village.

The specialty coffee group, with its 13 core working members, shared the challenges of moving from commercial to specialty coffee production, and retraining the group to selectively pick ripe, red cherry versus strip picking and selling to the local market. Da la Pin just started specialty production this past year, in 2018, and has already made their first sale. The group was warm and welcoming, quick to laugh and joke, and stressed their desire to grow in specialty production and quality.

Some farmers in Da La Pin have even developed a creative way to know when to prune their coffee trees. They intercrop with chayote, a common green vegetable in the area, and since chayote grows to around 6’ that is their cue of where to trip their coffee trees.

We look forward to working with Da La Pin in the coming years!

Coffee Stats:

  • GPS: 21.25202, 96.50282
  • Elevation (masl): 1,368
  • Ethnic Group:  Danu
  • Core working group members: 13
  • Est. Coffee Production 2019:  3MT / 50 x 60kg bags

Da La Pin

The folks of Da La Pin also grow dragon fruit!

Laughing over photos together