Lay Ywar

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 6, 2019

The members of Lay Ywar are organized enough to a master class in business management. They said the first year was really hard, “like building a house in the sky.” Three years later, they are offering loans to members, increasing their drying bed capacity, and started building equity through a capital fund. The vast majority of Lay Ywar farmers produce perennial crops such as coffee and avocado and short-cycle crops such as cabbage and pigeon pea. There are currently 11 members in the working group, and over the past few years, the group have brought electricity to the local monetary, increased their daily cherry-picker rates, donated electricity to the school, purchased a moisture meter, and started a capital fund. We look forward to our continued partnership with this fantastic group.

Coffee Stats:

  • GPS: 21.00127, 96.53019
  • Elevation (masl): 1,245
  • Ethnic Group: Danu
  • Coffee-producing families:
  • Coffee varietial(s): 50% Catuai and 50% S-795

Lay Ywar's nursery