Fazenda Dutra

By: Evan Stockdale

Dutra Farms (Fazendas Dutra) are located in the beautiful region of Matas de Minas, in São João do Manhuaçu which is 300km inland from the east coast of Brazil. The coffee production takes place through entirely artisanal processes that make a substantial difference in the final result of the product.

The Dutra brothers have been involved in growing coffee since the day they were born. Production takes place in a mountainous region, approximately 1400 meters above sea level. Due to the artisanal process, the altitude and the soil of the farm, they obtain a differentiated product and, with this, the coffees are classified every year among the best coffees in Brazil and in the world, both in quality and in sustainability.

There are more than 1300 hectares of land, among which, 800 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of coffees planted in contour lines and the remainder destined to the production of more than two hundred tons of avocados together with coffee. In addition, the properties are self-sustaining in the production of eucalyptus, which are reused during the harvest period and in the coffee drying machines.


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