AFASA Seriema

AFASA Seriema

By: Evan Stockdale

Our Brazil Seriema comes from an association of producers comprising 62 small-holder coffee growing families in the Campos das Vertentes region in the southern part of Minas Gerias.

Each year we travel to Santo Antonio do Amparo to visit with AFASA (Associação dos Agricultores Familiares de Santo Antônio do Amparo) and to cup coffees from the new harvest. We realized that the coffee was so consistently good year after year, that it would be fantastic as a yearly traceable blend offering. The name for the blend stems from a long-legged and imposing terrestrial bird native to Brazil. Imagine an enormous prehistoric-looking roadrunner. The Seriema is fleet-footed and can often be seen darting around AFASA member’s coffee farms.

The AFASA Seriema is a blend of some of the best the group has to offer. While the makeup of the blend will vary from year to year depending on availability, the coffee maintains the cup profile we’ve come to expect and love from AFASA. You’ll find black tea, apple and cocoa flavors in the cup.

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