Nascentes Women Produced Blend

Juntos somos fortes

By: Ana Claudia Almeida da Silva

Nascentes was born from the strength of women coffee growers in Campo das Vertentes. Inspired by the water springs that turn into rivers and create some of the greatest water basins in Brazil, these women have gathered in their diversity to better showcase their essential work within coffee. The fluidity of water represents a contemporary and feminine concept. Hence, the name “Nascentes”, meaning in Portuguese where something starts.

Even though women have always played an important role in coffee activities, their work has never been fully recognized along the way. For this reason, the first step of the Nascentes project consisted of several meetings with women in different grower associations to better understand the challenges they faced and consequently build a tailor-made project to put them in the spotlight according to their vision and aspirations.

Through the Nascentes project, women take part in workshops to exchange information and continuously increase the quality of their lots, which are individually evaluated. The lots selected maintain all the information and traceability in order to give full visibility and recognition to the women involved in addition to being rewarded with above-market prices. By creating an inclusive platform in which women are empowered to take center stage, the Nascentes project provides equal opportunities for these coffee growers, so they can thrive and ultimately have a positive impact in their families and surrounding communities.

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