A Lel Chaung

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 6, 2019

A Lel Chaung Village is new to the specialty coffee project, but they went all in this year. There are 160 households in the village, and they all sell their cherries to the A Lel Chaung Specialty Coffee Production Group (ALCSCPG!) group. In 2016, green beans and cherries were sold in the local market at very low prices. In 2017 the community participated in the USAID project, with a focus on making sure everyone was incentivized to sell their cherries to the coffee group. In order to do that, they paid excellent prices and made sure all of the families had access to the educational opportunities and new technologies (drying tables, moisture meters) necessary to produce high end coffee. The result of all their hard work is found in the bright, clean and complex coffees produced in A Lel Chaung. The community leadership has made it clear that they are very happy with how the first year went, and they are motivated to produce higher volume and higher quality next year.

ALCSCPG used a significant portion of the proceeds generated from coffee to improve the welfare services of the village. Profits from the coffee business were earmarked for use in the development of the village healthcare system, community infrastructure and education, and they are earmarking 10% of profits for community improvement.

This community came a long way in a very short time. Like many of the coffee producing villages in Shan state, it has a cohesive leadership structure, clear goals, and an exceptional ability to make coffee a vital part of their local economy. Also, people there are really nice. Which is cool. Thanks for supporting this amazing coffee community!

Coffee Stats:

  • GPS: 21.0001667,96.5557000
  • Ethic tribe: Danu
  • Elevation (masl): 1,282
  • Coffee-producing families: 160
  • Estimated 2019 Production: 16MT/   264 x 60 kg bags
  • Coffee varietial(s): Catuai (90%)