Mya Paw Saw

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 6, 2019

Mya Paw Saw is a Pa’O village which is named after the stunning Emerald Pagoda which is visible from throughout the community, and the two travelers (named Paw and Saw) who discovered it.

The villagers here are blessed with an abundance of water, so much in fact that during times of drought other villages come here to get water from them. They are also blessed with ingenuity, as evidenced by their creation of a piping system that brings drinkable water to every home in the community. They’ve even set up hydro power to bring electricity to the entire village.

The coffee produced here was one of our highest scoring lots, even though the community has only been working with the project for the last year. Another natural process coffee, it features the bold bright acidity we love in Myanmar coffee, with a nice hint of guava and butter toffee.

Mya Paw Saw is one of those places that has a warm and welcoming vibe. When Craig commented on this during his last visit, they told him that feeling is generated by the Emerald Pagoda. Personally, he gives credit to the villagers themselves. Whatever the case, it’s a place that’s well worth supporting.

Coffee Stats:

  • Elevation (masl):                     1350
  • Ethnic Group:                          Pa’O
  • Coffee-producing families:     50
  • Coffee variety:                        Catuai (mostly red, but some yellow interspersed)
  • Average coffee yield;              1000 (kg fresh cherries/acre)