Myay Ni Kone

By: Susan Heller Evenson

Mar 6, 2019

This community sits in a lovely spot at the top of a hill, surrounded by lush forests and fields of coffee, citrus, beans and vegetables. The village takes its name from the rich red soil in the area (Yep, Myay Ni Kone means “Red earth town”) and they’re growing some great coffees in that fertile ground. This is one of those communities where pride of ownership is evident in everything from the healthy-looking coffee trees to the tidy houses to the ornamental flowers that grow in abundance around each home.

Myay Ni Kone is known throughout the region for its bamboo baskets, which are sold far and wide and used to transport citrus. They’ve only recently began focusing on specialty coffee production, but they’re off to a great start. Their coffees have wonderful cherry and bright orange notes which are balanced by an elegant sweetness and silky body. This is one of those “sunshine in a cup” Myanmar naturals.

During Craig's visit to Myay Ni Kone, he learned that they plan on applying the profits from specialty coffee sales to civic projects that will be chosen via community vote. We’re excited to see how the coffee growers distribute their profit for the benefit of the broader community. In the meantime, when Craig asked the coffee growers here if they had any message for our buyers, they all smiled.

“Thank you for buying our coffee!” several people said at once.

He promised them he'd share that message with you.

Coffee Stats:

  • Elevation (masl):                     1360
  • Ethnic Group:                          Danu
  • Coffee-producing families:    140
  • Coffee variety:                          Catuai
  • Average coffee yield                1000 (kg fresh cherries/acre)