Holiday Closure Notice: Thanksgiving 2020

By: Melissa Kelley

Nov 18, 2020

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26


2020. What a year, it has been! We are thankful that through it all, we have had wonderful roaster partners like you. We wish you a safe holiday.

Atlas Coffee Importers will be closed both Thursday, November 26th & Friday, November 27. Both Paris Brothers and The Green Room will close early on Wednesday and all our warehouse partners in the U.S. will be closed both Thursday and Friday. These closures impact order timelines; please plan ahead.

When should you order?

That's easy! While you were wondering whether there will be a 2020 Thanksgiving Day Parade (there will be - it's a virtual broadcast from 9a-12p in all time zones), we created this grid showing you when to finalize your order. You can click on the grid to enlarge it.

It's easy to use. Just follow these simple steps: 

  • Look along the left to find the row for the warehouse where your order will originate.
  • Look along the top to find the column showing the date you want your order to be ready for pick up (either as will call or by a carrier).
  • Find the cell where that row and column meet. That's your deadline.

Presuming that your order is clear and we can processes it without issue, your order should be ready on the listed date. We welcome and encourage roasters to order well before the date on the grid, just to be sure. I mean, it is 2020...
Please check out the section below on transit times.

Did you notice the early cutoff for Paris & The Green Room? Great catch! They're closing early on Wednesday.

Roasters who want their coffee to be ready for Monday, November 25th from  either Paris or TGR must be finalize their orders with us before 8am on Wednesday. The Green Room will service will call pick up between 7:30am-10am and LTL carriers between 10am-12pm. We will make sure that carriers and brokers who handle Atlas-arranged freight are aware of the adjusted hours, and we encourage those of you who coordinate your own freight do so as well.

Transit time update - please read and then place your order EXTRA early!

Because of the pandemic, more people are relying on the delivery of items that they would have previously purchased in person. The combination of higher volumes and increased safety protocols mean that carriers cannot maintain their published transit times. Lanes that used to be 1-day transit may end up taking 3 days, and 3-day transit points may take a week. Please do your part to ensure you have your order when you need it. Do not wait until you are out of coffee to place your order.

  • Make sure that your order is placed with lots of extra time built in.
  • Make sure that when you place your order, you confirm your delivery address and any details that we will need to get your coffee to arrive smoothly.

Did I miss something and you need more info? Do you miss us an want to talk coffee?

Okay, that's everything for now, but let's circle back next month to talk about ordering timelines for the end of the year holidays, okay? Until then, stay well. We are grateful for you! Please pass the virtual pumpkin pie, Uncle John.