Big Coffee

By: Jennifer Roberts

Atlas first met Henrique Dias Cambraia, the president of Santo Antônio Estates (SanCoffee) at an SCAA expo years ago. At the time, the idea of specialty quality Brazil was quite new to us. We soon realized that this collective of medium-large scale farms–by utilizing sophisticated farming and processing techniques, as well as investing in full-time QC staff, a well-equipped cupping lab, and their own state of the art dry-mill–was more than capable of producing high-quality, traceable Brazilian coffee.

SanCoffee regularly participates in international competitions and are routinely ACE Certified® National Jury Selections, and finalists in the Illycaffè Awards for Quality Espresso Coffee. The sophistication of processing allows Atlas to source a number of different profiles from the group.

Estate Classic is a fully natural blend of the members’ coffee; Flor de Ipê is our own custom-blended, single-origin espresso with both natural and pulped natural components (link to Profile page), and we regularly feature individual farm macro- and micro-lots of different varietals and methods of post-harvest processing.

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