Flor de Ipe

The diversity of Brazil’s various micro-climates is such that it’s possible to find an incredible array of unique flavor profiles, due both to environmental conditions and processing methods. This amazing assortment of contrast and compliment in cup character, coupled with Atlas’ insatiable thirst for ever richer espresso profiles, led to the development of the “Flor de Ipe” Espresso Blend.

“Flor de Ipe” pairs two of Santo Antonio Estates finest coffees, one processed using the pulped-natural method and one using the natural-dry method. These provide for a very dynamic range of flavors in what may be considered a single-origin blend. Orange zest, hazelnut and licorice are prominent in the fragrance and aroma, and flavors of molasses, toffee, raisin, hazelnut, and spice marry to form a subtle complexity best experienced as an espresso coffee. “Flor de Ipe” is a marvelous base for an espresso blend, providing a solid foundation which is capable of supporting a wide variety of complimentary blend components.

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