The same espresso blend that keeps us going at Atlas HQ each day is also available in 100 lb. sacks of pre-blended green coffee. Shots of Rosebud are a perfectly balanced harmony of sweet fruit, cocoa and soft nuttiness with a clean bright finish that make a delectable straight shot. Rosebud especially shines when married with milk, coming through like hot chocolate spiked with blueberry schnapps and hazelnut liquor.

Atlas’ founder Craig Holt shares the history of Rosebud:

 “Rosebud espresso is one of the keys to my marriage. For as long as we’ve been married, I’ve always delivered my wife an Americano in bed in the morning, so when I opened Atlas I had some pressure to step up my espresso game.

With a warehouse full of amazing green coffee at my disposal, I started working on the perfect blend for Sara. My goal was to create something reminiscent of the espresso we’d enjoyed on our honeymoon in Florence; heavy bodied and sweet.

After lots of experimentation, I settled on a blend of two natural process coffees and a washed coffee. The Brazil I chose serves as the kick bass for the blend, bringing chiffon-like body and flavors of caramel and nougat. The Ethiopia natural hits the mid tones of dark chocolate and dark berry. The profile is topped off with the round citrus and cherry notes of a Colombia. The blend is roasted to the ticklish beginning of second crack to bring balance, sweetness, and a hint of black licorice.

Sara was pleased.

Back when the blend was created, we were enjoying an evening lecture series on the history of film at the University of Washington, so we settled on the name Rosebud in honor of Citizen Kane’s most beloved possession.

Rosebud became the house espresso at Atlas’ office, as well as my house, and it eventually became so popular with our clients that we began selling it as a green coffee blend.”

Use it as is or as a base for your own signature blend. After all, a Rosebud by any other name will taste just as sweet!

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