El Corazon

In addition to the spectacular range of coffee profiles Colombia is able to offer, the country’s ability to export fresh coffee all year round makes it one of the most versatile origins in the world. As with Atlas’ other profile coffees, “El Corazon” typifies this producing country’s general flavor characteristics, in this case with a small “Excelso” bean size (15/16 screen) which provides some value without compromising quality in the cup. Our quality control points in Colombia and in our own lab assure that each “El Corazon” delivery will meet our target profile. Colombia’s many coffee producing departments yield a great diversity of qualities and types. Because our teams are constantly receiving fresh deliveries from around the country, they are able to identify matches to our profile specification throughout the year from these various regions. It could be that one year, Huila delivers a spot-on “El Corazon” type May – October and Cauca from November – March, and the next year exactly the opposite. When consistency of flavor is more important than traceability, our profile program allows us to do the quality assurance to guarantee a fresh match at any point in the year.

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