Over the past several years, Uganda has made massive strides forward in the quality and consistency of their Arabica coffees. These range from fully-washed microlots to the mild bulk types more familiar to buyers in search of value and consistency. Our Uganda “Endele” profile sits somewhere in the middle, and was born from a desire to find a consistent, natural-processed, high-quality East African coffee that shines in single origin and blend applications alike. With notes of berry and chocolate, “Endele”–meaning “placid, calm, and regal”–is the slightly more complex sibling of “Ekende”, our other, more wiley, Ugandan natural profile offering. The coffee is picked and processed on raised beds in western Uganda, and and the lion image comes from a story of a Ugandan cooperative working with a partner of ours installed a lion to guard their coffee in a large warehouse. We hope that the lion logo printed on each jute bag will similarly guard this complex coffee as it travels from the Rwenzoris in western Uganda to your door.


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