Las Segovias Especial

The department of Nueva Segovia in northern Nicaragua produces some of Central Americas finest coffees. The reputation of regions like Mozonte, Dipilto and Suyatal have soared in the past decade as roasters have discovered complex and exotic profiles that had been historically blended away. Our close friend Luis Alberto Balladarez, owner of Beneficio Las Segovias in Ocotal, knows these areas well. He has hundreds of clients in Nueva Segovia that deliver lots on a daily basis throughout the harvest season, and the quality team at BLS cups every single one. A number of these farmers are delivering extraordinary quality, and Atlas is honored to play a role in fostering relationships between those farmers and fortunate roasters.

A good many farmers deliver just a few hundred pounds of parchment to BLS at a time, not usually enough volume to justify separating as a microlot and offering exclusively to a buyer. Producers with more land also deliver larger lots of wonderful 84-85pt coffees that might not be quite interesting enough to attract the attention of a single buyer. We’ve calibrated closely with BLS’ cupping staff, and over time they build for us special SHG lots from these volumes to match a profile we call “Las Segovias Especial.” Hints of complex green apple, pear, sugar cane and toffee typify Nueva Segovia character, on a foundation of browned sugars and a lightly syrupy body.

Nicaragua Las Segovias Especial is an excellent option for those searching for a Central American coffee with an extra dimension of quality, traceability and consistency. Quality teams both at Atlas and Beneficio Las Segovias are extremely selective when sourcing, so that buyers are able to count on a reliable profile from each delivery.

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