Our Uganda “Ekende” profile was born from a desire to find a consistent, natural-processed East African coffee with a combination of jammy fruit, chocolate, and heavy body. This flavor profile has become increasingly difficult to find from other sources, but after a number of years of trials, we zeroed in on this profile in coffees from Western Uganda. Descriptors like “trail mix,” “PB&J” “Raisinets” and “Goobers” are thrown out often when cupping Ekende samples. The name means “monkey,” acknowledging the somewhat mischievous and at times surprising nature of this profile. Over the past several years, Uganda has made massive strides forward in the quality and consistency of their arabica coffees. These range from showstopping microlots to the mild bulk types more familiar to buyers in search of value and consistency. “Ekende” provides much of the latter, with a hint of the former, offering terrific value with East African complexity that belies its economical price.

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